Great Comment on Mernda Station Issue

Post Date: November 2, 2019

Great Comment on Mernda Station Issue

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This comment came through today ( Saturday) from Mr G Pollard. Certainly worth a read.

Isn’t it wonderful that PTV employs sufficient staff to enable one of them to spend the time on composing such a complete reply to a customer. Although, as the officer had to apologise for taking a long time to reply, perhaps they don’t have enough staff. I think the matter of staff numbers and their ability to give informed replies to customer queries and suggestions should undergo a complete review. I think PTV should have an officer on every such bus over the next 3 months and interview every passenger to determine if the suggestion to stop the bus for a minute at Mernda Station is a worthwhile idea. On the other hand, when you think about the matter more closely, there’s possibly many people currently not using the service because the bus does not stop at Mernda, so the enquiry should be broadened to cover every household in the Mansfield and Murrindindi Shires. That information could then be passed to a specially constructed review panel consisting of PTV personnel and members of the communities along the route along with a consumer advocate, representatives of all the unions involved in the bus service and of course representatives of the Mernda community in case such a bus stop could impact on the amenity of the local area.
Now that I’ve had time to consider the wider implications of your letter, Mr. Minter, I think you’re a trouble maker intent on wasting the time of busy PTV officers with frivolous correspondence.

You can access the original post  here.

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  1. Alister

    Sounds like an eposide for Utopia on the ABC.

    All tounge in cheek aside the idea of a stop at Mernda station is a good one.


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