Response from PTV After I Suggested That The Yea Bus Should Stop at Mernda Station

by Oct 31, 20195 comments

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I recently contacted PTV asking why the Mansfield, Yea bus did not stop at the relatively new Mernda station as it opens up a heap of other travel options. A short time ago I took the bus as I had to pick up my vehicle from Epping. Instead of getting off at Mernda and catching the train to Epping, I was forced to go to Bundoora and then pay $27 for a Uber to Epping.

Here is the response…

I acknowledge receipt of your suggestion to add Mernda Station as a stop location along the Mt Buller/Mansfield – Melbourne via Yea bus service.

Thank you for raising your concerns with Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your complaint.

I understand from you feedback that you have recently taken the Mt Buller/Mansfield – Melbourne via Yea bus service and you noticed that the bus travels in close proximity to Mernda Station and are suggesting that PTV adds Mernda Station as a drop off point for this service.

I can appreciate the benefit of having Mernda Station as a drop off point for our consumers and I can assure you that I have forwarded your suggestion to the Network Planning team at the Department of Transport (DoT) for their review and consideration.

When reviewing existing bus routes or planning for new ones we consider a number of issues including the likely number of users, suitability of the road network for bus operations, development of a direct and easily understood network, and connectivity with other public transport services and the costs of providing those services.

PTV identifies proposals for bus network expansions through a thorough planning process. As such please be assured that your request has been noted by our Network Planning team for consideration in future planning of bus services for the area.

Should the Network Planning team provide me with any further information surrounding your request, I will certainly let you know.


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