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Note: Rainfall totals are taken from an average of reliable weather stations around Yea.


HOW TO CHANGE TO CELSIUS: When you select a weather station below you will be taken to The selected station will open in a new window. Unless you have used Wunderground before, it will default to Fahrenheit. On a desktop computer or laptop, to change the display to Celsius, click on the cog located at the top right of the page, then select Celsius. On a phone or tablet, click on the hamburger menu and select “Settings”. It will take second or so to change to the new format each time you load a weather station.

 Note: Monthly rainfall totals can be incorrect due to issues.

YEA – near Killingworth Rd. and Goulburn Valley Hwy. (out of order atm)

YEA – Yea Springs Rd. near Yea High School (rainfall:ok, wind:no)

NE OF YEA – about 5kim out on Goulburn Valley Hwy. towards Molesworth (rainfall:ok)

CHEVIOT – Cheviot Rd, Limestone (rainfall:ok)

HIGHLANDS – near Wattle Hill (rainfall:not sure)

HIGHLANDS – Granite Hills Rd, Upper Highlands (rainfall:ok)

ALEXANDRA – Halls Flat Rd, Upper Highlands (rainfall:ok)

KINGLAKE – Kinglake 21 (rainfall:ok) 

MANSFIELD – The Nitsch Haven (rainfall:ok)