Yea misses out on expected rainfall

Post Date: February 7, 2019

Official readings recorded for 24 hours to 9am this morning reveal that Yea only received .8mm for the period. Rain forecast for this morning hasn’t eventuated either. END OF POST


  1. Phil

    Same things happened the last 10/15 times thus far.

    Most times the rain splits and Yea is dry in the middle, I witnessed this band shown above, normally it would be impossible not to have 10-20mm but it was literally like watching someone trying to paint over silicone. For anyone who hasn’t brushed paint over silicone…silicone rejects paint.

    These are major anomalies without a logical answer!

    I request contacts the B.O.M to ascertain the cause and please post their reply.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Michael

      Hi Phil, sent off a request to BOM re: the splitting of the rain band a few weeks ago. Said I should receive a reply in about 5 days, but no joy after all this time.

  2. Michael

    Hi Phil, I have been watching the weather for some 12 years in Yea and I totally agree with your observations. I’m guessing it may be something to do with the beginning of the Great Divide but I will make further enquiries.

    Cheers Michael


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