Yea Community Planning Stall – Yea Market – Volunteers Needed

Post Date: October 14, 2019

Yea Community Planning Stall – Yea Market – Volunteers Needed

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We would love to have a Community Planning stall at the next Yea market on Saturday 2nd November. It’s a great opportunity to engage some different people, test some of our strongest project ideas and gather new ideas! There will be a gimmick to draw people over (free popcorn, maybe?) and an easy way for people to see the ideas, as well as to add more.

Anna is available to support this initiative, but needs a couple of community members to help. It won’t be able to happen without volunteers! Please let us know if you can join on that day and we can start planning.

We’ll be back in touch very soon with minutes from our meeting last week.


Anna and Julie

Community Planning

P: 03 5772 0333

E: [email protected]


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Anna Paix  (Tue Wed Thu)

M: 0436 808 414

Julie Kirkwood (Tue Thu Fri)

M: 0436 808 412


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  1. Melinda Deans-Draper

    I was considering having a stall for the next few months at the Yea market if there was room.
    I am a therapist and facilitator and have self published books and soft toys for sale to support people and children to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, etc

    Would love to hear from you

    Thank you



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