Train Returns to Cheviot Tunnel

Post Date: April 21, 2017

Lance Adams and Gary Gibbs ride through the tunnel one last time.

With the help of Photoshop I managed to create a rough scene using the top section an image of the last train to Alexandra taken around 1978. I then found a shot of the bottom of the front of a locomotive which didn’t appear in the first image. The tunnel is a recent image I took. To complete the image I added a shot of some railway tracks I got from the net.


  1. Russell Wealands

    Terrific work Michael, terrific location!!

  2. Dianne Smith

    Well done Michael, the photo looks so real.

  3. Ken Pitcher

    Great photo. Would be fantastic if line could be restored at some stage. Would be of great benefit to Yea and Alexandra if line operated on weekends and public holidays. Probably a long shot but worth putting out there.

    • Lance Adams

      Wait till Gary Gibbs in Ouyen sees this. Great recreation, of an historic site on our track. I must go back to the tunnel myself sometime, but I need someone to take me as I am not allowed to drive any more, and I don’t think I can walk that far either

  4. Debbie Redding

    That’s great Mic, Lance must be quite chuffed.

  5. Graeme Clements

    Very clever Michael. Love it !

  6. Karen Harvey

    This is brilliant Michael Minter! Bringing history to life again – you’re very talented and committed. Well done!


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