September Rainfall Continues Below Average Rainfall For 2019

Post Date: October 4, 2019

September Rainfall Continues Below Average Rainfall For 2019

by Oct 4, 20192 comments

Yea received 54.9mm of rainfall in September.

This was 9.8mm below the September average of 62.7mm. Therefore the September rainfall was 15.6% below average.

Rainfall for the year to the end of September totals 328.1mm against a historical average of 474.1mm. This equates to 146mm or 30.8% below the historical average.



  1. Gary Pollard

    Hi Michael
    Interesting to note that rainfall from May 1st to Sept 30th in Yea was right on average of 285mm. Also interesting to note that despite being average and so many days of recorded rain the dams around Yea and Killingworth basically haven’t filled yet just south of Yea they have and it is still quite wet in places. We have had to start watering at the golf course as the fairways have dried very quickly in the past fortnight and the dams used for Racecourse watering have not filled at all over the winter and early spring. There’s barely been a fall in the past 5 months over 10mm. A heavy storm would be welcome to fill some dams heading into summer

  2. Michael

    Hi Gary,

    That’s very interesting, I presumed the rainfall was below average for that period. My billabong hasn’t flooded in years although it came very close last month. It looks like more tough times ahead rainfall wise in the coming months.


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