Rhonda’s Toilet Paper Magic

Post Date: March 20, 2020
Image: pexels.com

 This lovely tale was sent to me by a friend who has a neighbour that works at a country supermarket.

This is Rhonda, my great next door neighbour. And Rhonda has done it again. Found a way to answer those morons that pester her at the supermarket demanding toilet paper that doesn’t exist. When said moron starts harassing her about the lack of bog roll and demanding she get it from the secret stock out back, she whips out her wand and tries to magic it up for them. Unluckily for them no loo paper magically appears as it is just a toy wand. (She keeps the real one under lock and key at home) Most of them think she has lost the plot (she has) and when she tells them her crystal ball is broken so she can’t enlighten them about when they will be able to get a roll or two of that precious white paper they tend to just grab the goodies they did manage to find and bugger off out of the shop. 

Written by Terry Horne



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