October 2022 Rainfall Smashes all Records…almost

Post Date: November 4, 2022
Image: pexels.com

What a month! I have attempted to get an overall average rainfall for October in the Yea township. 

From the Yea Community Group and others I received twelve manual readings. I removed the extremely high and low recordings. I was then left with six that only had 12mm difference from highest to lowest. The six readings came from Yea Springs, Snodgrass St., East St., Meara St., Station St. and near the High School. So the coverage is very wide.

The average of those six readings came to 218mm. That is my estimate for rainfall in October in the Yea township. Many will disagree but that’s the best I can come up with.

Interestingly nearly all the automatic stations were in the 230-237mm range. It seems they may be slightly over reading.

The 218mm of rainfall in October 2022 was 158mm above the October average of 60mm and 263% above average in percentage terms.

It was the highest October rainfall on record. The previous highest was in 1975 and totalled a mere 136mm.

October 2022 was the second highest monthly rainfall since 1885. The highest occured 83 years ago in February 1939 when a total of 219mm was recorded. October 2022 fell 1mm short of the record.

Rainfall for the 2022 year so far is now well above average. Yea has received 673.2mm against a historical average of 533.4mm. This equates to 139.8mm or 26.2% above the historical average.



  1. Gary Pollard

    G’day Michael
    I think you may have overlooked Feb 1973- 277.1mm I reckon. I was when we had 150mm overnight and my pharmacy flooded

    • Michael Minter

      Oh bugger! Thanks for letting me know Gary. I might write a post about it at some point.


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