MP Cindy McLeish Joins Push for Mernda Station Bus Stop

Post Date: November 22, 2019

MP Cindy McLeish Joins Push for Mernda Station Bus Stop

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Today I received a copy of a letter sent by our MP Cindy McLeish to the Minister for Public Transport regarding the Mernda station bus stop issue.

I contacted Cindy McLeish three weeks ago regarding the issue and she has got onto it straight away. The letter is dated 15/11. Thanks Cindy.

The body of the letter is shown below…

I write on behalf of my constituents who have contacted me in regard to the PTV Mansfield to Melbourne via Yea bus route. They would like to see a bus stop at the new Mernda Railway Station.

Currently the bus travels from Whittlesea to Bundoora RMIT without stopping. The bus drives past the Mernda Railway station, but it does not stop there. Constituents have told me it would expand the number of travel options for passengers if it were to stop at Mernda Railway Station.

The current Mansfield – Melbourne via Yea bus route was established well before the Mernda Railway Station was built. A review of this bus route would now seem appropriate considering this development.

My electorate does not have any train stations and has limited public transport so to make a station more accessible to them would be very advantageous. I am sure constituents of Murrindindi and Mansfield Shires would welcome this expansion of the bus network.

I seek your advice in this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Cindy McLeish MP
State Member for Eildon


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