Letter to the Editor – Street Art for Yea

by Oct 14, 20202 comments

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


A lot of concrete is being laid in High Street Yea under the works in progress to create a safer flow through of vehicle traffic.

I think this is a great opportunity to create and install multiple street art features.

I think we all realise that Yea in many cases is ’a drive through town’ being at the junction of two well trafficked highways. 

What if we could induce more travellers to stop for a coffee or a meal, browse the op shop, buy a paper or magazine, or marvel at the property values in our real estate agency windows.

Won’t our businesses in the street benefit?

I think some metal street art structures in our main street could become quite a feature with likely wide community interest. 

I have in mind commissioned works by two of our local accomplished metal artisans in Darren Gilbert and Daryl Callandar. 

I will put up a thousand dollars personally to get this idea under way. 

Will anybody else match me?

John Kennedy

Cheviot Ward Candidate

0417 549 137.


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