Department of Transport Currently Not Interested in Mernda Station Bus Stop

by Jan 9, 20201 comment

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I received a letter from Cindy Mcleish MP today it also included a copy of a letter that she received from Melissa Horne (Minister for Public Transport)

Part of that letter from the Minister of Transport states…

“While there are no plans at this time to alter the coach service to stop at Mernda Station, the Dept. of Transport continually reviews the bus network. I have asked DoT to consider your constituents’ comments in network planning and reviews.”

When reviewing existing services or planning for new ones, DoT considers several factors. These include the likely number of users, suitability of existing infrastructure, development of a direct and easily understood network, and connectivity with other public transport services.”

I personally think the idea just made commonsense particularly in relation to the factor as stated connectivity with other public transport services.”

I would like to thank Cindy McLeish for her efforts in relation to this proposal.

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