Post Date: November 24, 2021


There is nowhere in/around Yea where a Dog can legally be let off leash and run free and/or socialise with other dogs.

A suggestion/proposal for a Dog Park to be established in Yea has been submitted to the Shire.

The suggestion proposes an area at the North Western end of the Railway Yards area straddling the low depression/gutter area.  A large enough area for dogs to run around chasing each other and/or a thrown ball.

It suggests a 1.2m to 1.5m high cyclone style fence with gates for access, a water point, a rubbish point, and seating.  I’m sure there are guidelines/standards for such an area.

Various things for dogs to play on/around could be installed, tunnels, bridges, etc.  Typical stuff for such an area.

Owners would obviously be responsible for their dogs and any waste.

Dogs would not be allowed on their own without their owner present.

It is felt this would be of great benefit to all those local Dog Walkers in Yea, as well as travellers passing through with Dogs.  While their dogs are playing they can spend some money in Yea.

If you feel this is something you would like to see/have in Yea, please let the Shire know.  Even if you don’t like the idea, let them know, I’m sure they would like to hear both sides of the idea.

Ian Branch


Suggested dog park area


  1. Chloe and Alan Branch

    We think this sounds like a wonderful idea! We are regular visitors to Yea to visit family and our fur babies would love the chance to meet other dogs!

  2. Jennifer Drysdale

    I totally agree. We have visited one in Rosebud…adjacent to the community garden and a playground. Just a large safe open space for dogs off leash. Also an excellent one in Eastfield Rd. Croydon. We definitely need an off leash area…big enough for them to have a good run.

  3. Lex Oakley

    Yes, a dog park would be so beneficial for Yea! We currently live here and would love somewhere for our dog to safely socialise with others, and as frequent travellers we often intentionally map ourselves through towns with a dog park.

  4. Michelle

    Yea is a very dog friendly town. A dog park is a fantastic idea.

  5. Ken Pitcher

    I am surprised Yea hasn’t already got a dog park. Let’s hope the proposal is accepted by the shire.

    • Lily

      I have a dog and am definitely in favour of a dog park, but a cyclone fence in this area would be really unsightly. I was part of the original group that held a tree planting protest at this site and claimed it for the community when council was trying to cut it up to sell for housing. The intention was always that it would be a beautiful community garden and park to really add to the amenity of the town. It’s such a brilliant asset, I’d be happy to help fundraise for a nicer looking fence. The other option would be to move the dog park further up the reserve to the other end near the skate park and hospital. There’s lots of unused, unplanned space up there that could really use some love, some more tree planting and perhaps some more parking space.

  6. Chris Sier

    I and many of my friends who have dogs would love to have a safe area for our dogs to run and play safely and away from traffic..I hope this idea comes to fruition..

  7. Patricia

    Love the idea. We have so many visitors too with their dogs in the caravans too, a welcome addition them and locals too.

  8. Laraine Callander

    Where would the car & caravan parking area be at this proposed area for a dog park? There is limited parking in the town centre due to the recent upgrade, so many car parks lost. Station Street is always busy. Will Oliver Street become the same?

  9. Kimberley Branch

    I have recently moved back to Yea with my dog and we always visited dog parks while we lived in Melbourne. He absolutely loved socialising with other dogs in an open area where they could all run free and play. This is something we miss very much since moving back to Yea and we would love to see here in town.
    There is an amazing dog park in Diamond Creek which has seperate and secure areas for smaller or more timid dogs which is perfect if fur parents are apprehensive about socialising in a dog park environment.

    • Doreen Lehmann

      Yes I have visited numerous parks which have two areas, one for big dogs and one for small dogs . It would be awesome to have a park in Yea. I am surprised we don’t already , so many councils/shires do

  10. Val Howard

    This is such a great idea! I am constantly on the lookout for dog parks when I travel in my motorhome and my dog loves being off leash and safe. I would definitely use a dog park in Yea on a regular basis

  11. Russ wealands

    Interesting, the shire have just undertaken an extensive community planning project. A pity this idea wasn’t raised as part of that, appropriately developed as a plan and progressed in a logical, prioritised way.

    • Ian Branch

      The suggestion was submitted to the Shire in August.

  12. Val&Jimmee

    Yes I would like a dog park and as I have a Great Dane the idea of separate areas for different sized dogs would be appreciated. I would definitely use the dog park and if it is sign posted and easily accessible many travellers would stop in Yea to exercise their dogs.


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