Climate change means Australia may have to abandon much of its farming

Post Date: September 6, 2021

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The findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggest Australia may have to jettison tracts of the bush unless there is a massive investment in climate-change adaptation and planning.

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  1. Nicholas Grocott

    Use of the word “may” is the key to all the narrative, particularly that put by the IPCC, on climate change. Too many self-interested parties are peddling their false or exaggerated views to enable the facts to come to the fore. The photo with this article shows the damage done by farmers. Ever since agriculture was coupled with greed, farmers have done everything to extract every bit of fertility from our soils. The land you see is the result. Thankfully farmers are beginning to understand how to look after the very scarce resource called soil. Ploughing every year/season damages the soil almost irreversibly. Artificial fertiliser eventually kills off the living soil. Farmers must restore the microbes and organic matter in the soil, in other words, a rebuild to avoid salinity, acidification etc. It has to be done NOW.

    • Iain

      Typical fear mongering from an internet group interested in raising funds to to continue to provide research into what may happen.

      The simple fact is that last year Australia produced its largest crop on record. Let that sink in. We have been told for the last three decades that climate change is going to destroy regional Australia, crops will wither, dam will dry up. The fact is that it is all false. Australian agricultural production is on an upward trend and will continue to be despite what the IPCC and other climate groups say.


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