Allan Brew Makes his Case for Election in Cheviot Ward

Post Date: October 7, 2020

Allan Brew Makes his Case for Election in Cheviot Ward

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NOTE: This post does not imply that endorses any of the candidates in the upcoming elections

G’day, I’m Allan Brew – candidate for Cheviot Ward in the current Murrindindi Council elections.

I have lived in Strath Creek since 2014 with my family where we run the local post office and gas agency. Our children attended school in Yea and we have been active members in our community supporting local events, contributing to fund raisers and starting the Strath Creek food swap.

I’m deeply passionate about our little part of the world and we as a family have made a huge personal investment in our community in the relatively short, but productive time since we have been in the area. It is my desire to continue down that path in helping to support local communities – paving the way for new enterprise, encourage exciting new job and training opportunities, economic growth and ultimately enhance the increasing interest and visitation to our area.  


When I look around my town rather than see a vibrant organic municipality, I see the accumulated results leftover from a local government whose negative culture at the time saw the loss of the town’s two most recognisable assets. Both of which remain closed, not due to the absence of willing investors, but rather due to the lethargic nature of council at the time. 

Whilst things have certainly changed for the better in recent years –  our outgoing Councillor being a vast improvement over her predecessor, and the outgoing CEO having seemingly made a positive ‘Cultural Change’ within Council, we now find ourselves at a turning point. We can choose to elect the person to carry us forward towards a positive and exciting future, or risk returning to tired old thinking of the dark old days.

I’ve nominated myself because I’m tired of my concerns regarding the revitalization of our region, falling on seemingly biased ears. When moving to the shire in 2014 my attempts to re-open a business in the Shire weren’t hampered by regulatory requirements or red tape, but rather our attempts were thwarted by miss- information and miss-communications. Attempts that when challenged, were responded to with intimidation from relevant authority. 

Experiencing this first hand, I am all too familiar with the struggles that emerging business can face, and it is my aim to aide and alleviate the processes as much as possible for current and emerging business.

Whilst I would be new to local government and facing the many new challenges that go with that role; I have no doubt that my career as an Engineer is in many ways not too dissimilar. I’m engaged by my client to resolve issues to help facilitate a manageable and viable path forward.  To do this effectively, it’s imperative I have an unbiased view towards resolving any issue within the given parameters. Ultimately I’m honest and straightforward with my conclusions, regardless of whom I’m reporting to. As constituents, you should expect nothing less than the same of your elected Councillors.

Together I hope to reignite the pioneering spirit that built our region and carry us forward into an exciting new chapter.

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Allan James Brew  


  1. Jo Lewington

    This is fabulous! Many small towns are suffering from neglect and need Councillors with vision, drive and private sector skills to get things done and effect positive change. I wish you success Allan.

    • Allan James Brew

      Hello Jo
      Thanks for your support, unfortunately many small towns are represented by long term residents that have become complacent and oblivious to the issues and opportunities that are often completely obvious to a fresh set of eyes. I hope that when votes are cast my experience, drive and progressive nature help lead our community to become the most admirable within the shire.

  2. Belinda

    Only other man with similar values and integrity to Allan that I’ve met, was my grandfather, there is literally nothing this man can’t do. In the 17 years I’ve known Allan, not only is he an incredible father and husband, he is an incredible human, I’ve witnessed Allan literally at one stage work his hands to almost bone to provide for his family, he has shown courage, strength, humility, passion, intelligence, determination, loyalty and love to all I’ve witnessed cross his path, he is an absolute credit to society and anywhere he walks or has influence. I’m proud to know Allan, and wish him the absolute best, him and his family absolutely deserve it.

  3. John Kennedy

    Mr Brew seems unhappy with me – surprising since I have never met or spoken to the man. I have a recollection that he came to a Council meeting some years ago in a very aggressive mood -I think because Shire officers had failed to give him a permit – perhaps for a sewerage or waste treatment system. It was pointed out that he was aware when he purchased the abandoned hotel that there were major physical difficulties in recommissioning the property. Clearly if a property fails relevant legislation there is nothing even a Councillor can do about it. John Kennedy Yea


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