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Note: there can by a discrepancy between private weather stations and BOM recordings due to differing 24 hour periods. e.g. from midnight for private stations and from 9am each morning for BOM


HOW TO CHANGE TO CELSIUS: When you select a weather station below you will be taken to The selected station will open in a new window. Unless you have used Wunderground before, it will default to Fahrenheit. On a desktop computer or laptop, to change the display to Celsius, click on the cog located at the top right of the page, then select Celsius. On a phone or tablet, click on the hamburger menu and select “Settings”. It will take second or so to change to the new format each time you load a weather station.

YEA – near Killingworth Rd. and Goulburn Valley Hwy. (best station: rainfall, wind)

YEA – near Yea High School (rainfall:ok)

YEA – near cnr Oliver and View Sts. (rainfall:over recording)

NE OF YEA – about 5kim out on Goulburn Valley Hwy. towards Molesworth (rainfall:ok)

CHEVIOT – Cheviot Rd, Limestone (rainfall:ok)

HIGHLANDS – Ghin Ghin Rd, Lower Highlands (rainfall:no)

HIGHLANDS – Granite Hills Rd, Upper Highlands (rainfall:ok)

KINGLAKE – Meadow View Estate (rainfall:ok) 

MANSFIELD – The Nitsch Haven (rainfall:ok)