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Australian weather forecasters say autumn will be dry and warm

A dry and warmer-than-average autumn has been forecast for nearly all of Australia, worrying farmers in southern states hoping for rain after a hot summer.

Free Forum for New and Part-Time Landowners – 28th February 2018

The UGLN will be running our Landcare forum again this year. Although it is directed at new landholders all are welcome to come along and learn something new.

Wetlands Platypus and Rakali Count – 2nd March 2018

Join us in the Wetlands for an hour of silent observation.

Two of the world’s deadliest snakes fought, and both lost

It’s not often that a single photo taken by a seemingly anonymous photographer becomes a subject of interest for scientists, but that seems to exactly what is happening with an image of two of the world’s most dangerous reptiles locked in a deadly embrace.

Y Water Discovery Centre receives grant for Undercover Learning

No, this story isn’t about a clandestine operation to enhance our knowledge about our precious water resources….but it will certainly provide greater comfort for those who do!

Hume Region Climate Change Adaptation Survey

The Hume Region includes the following local government areas: Murrindindi Shire, Alpine Shire, Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire, Mansfield Shire, Mitchell Shire, Moira Shire, Greater Shepparton City Council, Strathbogie Shire, Towong Shire, Wangaratta Rural City and Wodonga City.

Drone comes to the rescue of two swimmers in Australia

One day, they may yet turn against us, but for now, they’re still our allies: A drone rescued two teenage swimmers in distress off the coast of New South Wales in Australia, according to a new report.

Navy Pilot Says UFO He Saw Off California Was ‘Not of This World’

A former Navy pilot has opened up about an otherworldly experience he says he experienced in 2004. His testimony comes just days after the Pentagon officially revealed the existence of a secret office investigating the existence of UFOs.

The Inner Ring of Hell

It was named “paradise” square, but the Islamic State made it a hell on earth. As thousands return to Raqqa, the horrors of the ‘caliphate’ still haunt Naim Square and overshadow attempts to rebuild the ruined city.

Y Water Discovery Centre – Summer News

Y Water Discovery Centre – Summer News is now available.

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