Are you finding those European wasps annoying? Then join with Council to eradicate this pest. Murrindindi Shire Council Mayor Charlie Bisset is urging all members of the community to report or destroy nests, especially as the next few months are likely to see an increase in European wasp numbers.

“Council will act quickly to remove nests on Council-managed land and infrastructure, but we really need the community’s assistance in identifying these wasp nests locations. Once reported our officers will visit our site as soon as possible to destroy the nest.

“Wasp activity is generally concentrated around food sources and they do create a nuisance in our townships near shops and cafe areas. During the peak of the wasp season, wasps are known to travel some distance from their nests to source food and water. European wasps can be identified by their bright yellow and black stripe bandings.

Residents, who are aware that there is a wasp nest on their property, should take the necessary safe steps to remove it. European wasp nests are usually found in the ground, but can occupy wall cavities, tree hollows, river banks and other confined spaces. There is no soil mound around the hole to indicate the presence of a nest, as they carry the excavated soil away. Nest identification is easiest during the day when wasp activity is at its peak and large numbers of wasps are leaving and re-entering the nest.

“The best time to destroy the wasp nest is in evening, when there is the least activity. European wasps react to noise vibrations and can be very aggressive so dealing with them at this time is the safest. They can deliver multiple and painful stings,” said Cr Bisset.

More information on European Wasps is available at The website provides information on identifying European Wasps and their nests, and procedures on how to safely eradicate them.

Further information on European Wasps is available at Museum Victoria at

People requiring further advice on how to deal with a wasp nest on their property or to report a nest on Council land can contact Council on 5772 0333.

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