Yea February and Summer Rainfall Report

by Mar 1, 20220 comments

The BOM recorded 8.8mm of rainfall for Yea in January. As the BOM records rainfall at 9am the following day, rainfall recorded yesterday (28th) goes into the March rainfall figure.  February rainfall  was 29mm below the February average of 37.8mm. Therefore the rainfall was 76.72% below average.

Although the rainfall was very low it is not unusual for this to occur in February. For example in 2019 – 9.4mm, 2018 –  3.6mm and 2016 – 7.2mm   While the rainfall amount was very low

Rainfall for the summer season totalled 101.2mm against a historical average of 126.3mm. This equates to 25.1mm or 19.9% below the historical average.


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