Yea Community Planners Meeting Report – 31st August

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Hello Yea Community Planners, thanks to those who were able to come along and progress Yea’s community plan on Wednesday night, it was great to be together.  We had 19 community members, and were happy to be able to meet again at the Yea Community House, as well as being joined there by Natalie and Carlie from the house.

We held two parallel meetings on the night – one group discussed the Coordination Group for community planning, and the other discussed opportunities for collaborative projects across the Arts theme. More comprehensive notes will be available before our next main meeting, but we wanted to promptly share the next steps.

Coordination Group discussion:

The group talked through a range of issues around the coordination group concept and how it would work. The draft Terms of Reference requires more focused attention and a working-group meeting to progress this will be held on Wednesday 21st August at 6pm. We have four people who have already volunteered to focus on this further with Anna at the working-group meeting. More people are welcome – it is open to everyone with an interest in nutting out the Terms of Reference (latest draft attached) so please let us know if you would like to come along and we will then work out a venue and other details.

Arts sub-group discussion:

The group discussed the interest in proposing a community hub for the arts, namely the Yea Shire Hall, which could also be an important centre for the broader community to build connections, while providing an opportunity for young people and other community members to connect with the arts. Julie will get back to the sub-group ASAP about an opportunity to meet with relevant Council staff to learn about all the governance and other issues to consider in developing a proposal for community management of the Shire Hall, and how that could best be approached. We have 8 people from the meeting on Wednesday who may come along to this discussion with relevant Council officers.  As above, this is open to anyone with an interest in this proposal, so please us know if you’d like to come along and we will let you know when and where we can get together, which will hopefully be within the coming weeks. 

Next Community Planning Meeting:

As discussed at the meeting, it is just so important that we remain connected – with all the various sub-groups and coordination group discussions that are ongoing. The next overall Community Planning Meeting will be held at the end of August and will be a good time to share progress and work together. We propose meeting on Tuesday 27th August at 6pm. Please let us know if there are any major community clashes for a Tuesday evening meeting. We are trying to vary the days a bit to make sure different people can be a part of things.


Next week’s Environment and Heritage sub-group discussion:

Just a reminder that all are welcome to an Environment and Heritage themed meeting this coming Tuesday 6th August at 3.30pm – 5.00pm at the Y Water Centre, for a themed discussion around considering partnerships and opportunities to progress the community plan and gather community input through events etc.  Please consider inviting your contacts who may be interested and let us know if you’d like to get along.  The arts themed meeting was a great opportunity to progress discussion around key projects proposals that people are keen to develop.

We look forward to seeing many of you soon, and hope to hear back from you with any rsvps to help us with catering and set-up.

Kind regards,

Julie and Anna

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