Weather Information Galore! – 4 New Weather stations added from in and around Yea

by Jan 6, 20210 comments

forest during day

Why it took me so long to find them I don’t know. I was surfing the web and came across I did a search for Yea and to my surprise up came a weather station and a list of others in the immediate area. So there four new stations on, they are…Yea, Limestone, Ghin Ghin and Highlands.

Because the site is US based, it defaults to Fahrenheit.  So when you select one of the weather stations you will be taken to The selected station will open in a new window. Unless you have used Wunderground before, it will default to Fahrenheit. On a desktop computer or laptop, to change the display to Celsius, click on the cog located at the top right of the page, then select Celsius. On a phone or tablet, click on the menu and select “Settings”. It will take second or so to change to the new format each time you load a weather station. There is loads of information which are unfortunately separated by ads, so keep scrolling down.

You can find the links just above the UGFM Live Weather display on the home page.


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