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Here are our statistics for December 2018

CFA Incidents Link

(Green area shows potential for thunderstorms)

Weather links updated and some changes to the Links

All the weather links have been updated. The change is for RAINFALL RECENT AND HISTORIC. You now have to enter the location ie. Yea then it will show you a range of weather stations in the area. Select Yea and click on “Get Data” at the bottom of the page. The rainfall details will load on a new tab on your browser. NOTE: You should only have to do¬† this once. Your browser should remember the station no, then all you have to do is click “Get Data”.

23mm of Rainfall but still no online Weather Station

Yea has received 23mm of rainfall over the last day or so up to about 11am this morning. I am waiting for details from UGFM about the new link to their station but things seem to move very slowly there.