Murrindindi Shire Council is calling on all residents to ensure their dogs are securely confined to their properties, day and night.

This follows an increasing number of reports of dog attacks on livestock over the past few weeks across the Shire. In particular, there has been a spike in dog attacks on sheep, with a number of animals left badly injured or dead.

Murrindindi Shire Council Mayor Charlie Bisset said with the winter temperatures easing, dogs were more inclined to wander greater distances particularly when spring lambs are being born.

Cr Bisset has a farming background and knows too well how distressing these attacks are for our farmers.

“It’s just horrifying to find your animals dead, or mauled and seriously injured, possibly suffering for hours.” Cr Bisset said.

“Livestock attacks by our domestic dogs can be avoided by owners being more vigilant. “It’s important to remind owners that under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, landowners have the right to destroy a dog if it’s found at large on their property in an area where stock is kept.”

Cr Bisset said on the flip-side, it was also sad when family pets were destroyed simply because their owners failed to keep them properly secured within their own property’s boundaries.

Cr Bisset urged anyone who sees dogs, either domestic or wild, wandering around properties with livestock, please contact Local Laws officers 5772 0333 during work hours or after hours on 0419 572 425.

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