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Stories and ideas shared by Action Team members. 

What we heard at the community planning get-together, held on 21/10/21 (via Zoom only due to local COVID-19 exposure sites)

Honour the Taungurung 

The Honour the Taungurung group’s first art installation, to be installed in the High St median strip garden, is well on the way to completion. Footings are to go in on November 8, followed by the installation. The unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Nov 28th. Angela and the rest of the group are currently working through lighting, permits and COVID requirements to finalise details around the celebration.  


The history group have completed their feasibility study for a permanent museum/history hub and have also completed the acquittal for the community planning grant.

There have been challenges around finding a venue for a potential museum/history hub:

  • The railway precinct is being considered by the arts groups
  • Yea community house are using the Pioneer Reserve with a lease in place for a number of years. With several good community activities happening there, it is not available for use.
  • The feasibility study highlighted no ideal venue available at this time
  • For now, the Yea and District Historical Society (YDHS) are pleased to anticipate the use the two rooms at the Yea Shire Hall that were formerly toilets (The rooms will be made available to YDHS, along with the two upstairs rooms they already use at the Shire Hall).

The group has lots of great ideas for exhibitions and tours, but lots of work needs to be done for it to be feasible – both economically viable and sustainable for volunteers to run. Kerry reported that YDHS recognises that more networking and community participation is needed for this to go ahead, building more community support.

The Town Group

Town Group action team members have been meeting to talk about the need for an overarching committee to support groups in the town. A guiding document has been drafted outlining the role and potential structure of such a group. A misunderstanding meant the document they have drafted was not shared prior to the meeting. This will now be shared prior to the next community planning get-together.


Three action group members spoke about different areas they have been focussing on;

  1. Energy efficiency – The group have been gathering resources for energy efficiency coaching, offering advice and tools for home owners, renters and businesses. Best energy savings come from not using it in the first place!
  2. Solar PV in Yea – 2030Yea have been successful with 5 grants including the options paper funded by a grant from Council’s community planning grants, as well as RACV, DELWP, Sustainability Victoria and NAB Foundation. (Mostly for solar for public spaces like Rec Reserve and Pioneer Reserve, also for workshops/seminars on various topics.)
  3. Community energy – going up from 33% of homes when the group started to now 39% – not claiming as a result of their work. They are working with NECEN.

Arts Hub

Yea Arts group have engaged an external body to conduct a feasibility study for the group.  They had planned a physical meeting of interested parties to take place in Yea but had to cancel due state wide lockdowns. Further lockdowns in Melbourne delayed the completion of the feasibility study. They plan to complete the study as restrictions ease.

Other Action Teams

Some community members expressed their disappointment that some of the other action teams have not progressed in any way.

Broader focus group discussions

During the meeting attendees broke off into a number of focus groups and talked about what they might do to keep the Yea Community Plan alive. Some suggestions were as follows;

  • “Getting together is good, an enabler needed for sharing.  (It) would be great to do community planning over again every few years.”
  • “Keep the plan alive, also to help those groups who don’t feel supported. Mentoring or skilling up the groups. What are the needs of the groups? Do that!”
  • “The need for a ‘town group’ to help guide the plan overall. Reminder that resourcing isn’t just the Shire – need to find alternative sources of funding.”
  • “Having a dedicated community planning officer to support the process is important, have really needed that assistance”
  • “(It) would be good for Yea to have a chance to do this all again in e.g. 3 years’ time to renew and reprioritise.”
  • “Success is a great motivator and drives success, one reason sharing stories is important”
  • “A town group could help to keep groups alive by mentoring and learning from one another” 

Next Steps 

At the conclusion of the meeting there was discussion about needing to meet again.  Ideas for the type of meeting included; “a fun event”, “face to face”, “get the youth involved” “annual celebration to start”, “it could include a presentation” “good opportunity for the town group to test their idea and explore with the community.”

Community members at the meeting decided on November 25th 5.30 pm for a celebration BBQ at the Railway BBQ area, BYO everything. The Town Group action team will organise and Sarah to circulate the invite to the Community Planning contact list.

NB The Town Group concept paper will also be distributed with the invite, and is intended to be further discussed at the celebration BBQ.

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