A plan which will guide waste and resource recovery infrastructure in the Goulburn Valley for the next 10 years was this week approved after almost three years in development.

The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan (GV Implementation Plan) was announced by the Acting Minister for Energy, Environment & Climate Change, Richard Wynne yesterday (6/7/2017) and promotes greater recovery of valuable resources from our waste, through development of appropriate, well-sited infrastructure. This approach minimises the waste sent to landfill and the long-term costs to households, industry and government.

Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group Chair, Seema Abdullah said the plan covers the Campaspe, Shepparton, Strathbogie, Moira, Murrindindi and Mitchell local government areas.

“This Plan addresses the needs created by projected population growth and expectations of our regional community when it comes to this essential service.

“We have been fortunate to have had significant stakeholder interest and input in the development of our Regional Implementation Plan, which has helped us to understand the projections and community sentiment on various waste topics,” Ms Abdullah said.

The GV Implementation Plan is one of seven regional implementation plans that will provide an understanding of their region’s waste and resource recovery infrastructure needs, environmental and financial performance, projected waste volumes, urban growth and industry demands.

The regional plans will inform updates to the 30 year state infrastructure plan which will incorporate regional priorities and opportunities. The alignment that this creates is a huge advantage as it provides certainty of direction for those wishing to invest in the space.

“The Goulburn Valley region currently recycles about 66% of its waste, but valuable materials are still sent to landfill. The plan sets out clear actions to recycle more, send less waste to landfill and plan for the Goulburn Valley region’s future by using innovative technologies, combined with activities including developing markets for recycled products and continuing the emphasis on community education.

“Focus now turns to the implementation of the Plan and so we look forward to working with industry, local government and our other stakeholders to ensure land use planning and procurement activities in particular are consistent with the objectives articulated in the Plan,” Ms Abdullah said.

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